CL's Yborhood Guide: Shopping & Services



1. Agora 1515 E. 7th Ave., (site under construction). An exotic but approachable Asian bazaar of a store — a profusion of paper lanterns, colorful pillows, fine ceramics and incense, the scent of which is often wafted out onto the sidewalk. The first Agora opened on a somewhat more upscale shopping strip: Lincoln Road in South Beach.

2. District 7th Avenue Centro Ybor E. 7th [email protected] St., 813-247-6400. Your destination if you're into trendy denim and t-shirts that say things like "Mean people suck. Nice people swallow." The mannequins seem to have had breast implants.

3. Fragrance Notes Perfume 1517 E. 7th Ave., 813-248-4442, A perfumery that sells a line called the Unity Scents Collection (with names ranging from Chit Chat to Hurricane), plus designer alternatives and collectible perfume flacons.

4. Hot Wax 1524 E. 7th Ave., 813-248-6999, The perfect store for all your spinning and smoking needs, with bins full of vinyl and an array of lethal-looking waterpipes.

5. Island Flowers 1520 E. 7th Ave. 800-878-3990, A family-owne

d florist with a beadazzled Gasparilla-worthy window display.

6. Jezabelle and Her Wandering Gypsies1527 E. 7th Ave., 813-247-1923. Jezabelle and her antiquing, vintage-loving gypsies have just wandered over to this location from their former home in the 1900 block; look for an opening April 1.

7. Kicks on 7th 1516 E. 7th Ave., 813-246-7463, Naughty schoolgirls, this is your place. Sex toys, fetish gear, wigs of many colors, and of course, since this is Ybor and even the grocery stores sell bongs, a wide variety of pipes.

8. La France 1612 E. 7th Ave., 813-248-1381, Beautiful vintage clothing for guys and dolls with timeless taste, featuring finds from the Victorian era to the days of disco. And don't forget to "Save the Tatas!"

9. MC Film Festival 1901 N. 15th St., 813-247-6233, Putting the gay in GaYbor are MC owners Mark and Carrie, the fabulous cads about town who can tell you all there is to know about Ybor. Their storefront is as flamboyant as they are, bedecked in rainbows, sparkles and edible underwear. Whether you identify as G, L, B, T, hetero or somewhere in between, MC has something that'll make you blush (before you discreetly purchase it), from filthy flicks to Pride-themed pet supplies.

10. The Nitty Gritty 1522 E. 7th Ave. Mix of vintage-y and new, geared toward a younger clientele.

11. Renown 1501 E. 9th Ave. 813-200-7081, The "streetwear and lifestyle boutique" is Ybor's real urban outfitter, where they've collected gear from nationwide independent design houses like In4mation (Hawaii), Crooks and Castles (Hollywood), and 10 Deep (NYC), and where you might just catch a glimpse of local recording artists like the White Kids, who've been known to stop by to talk shop and drop off demos.

12. Revolve Clothing Exchange 1620 E. 7th Ave., 813-242-5970,, vintage and recycled men's and women's clothing and accessories. Picks up where La France leaves off with duds from the '70s to the '00s. Drop off your gently used clothing for store credit.

13. Urban Outfitters Centro Ybor, 1600 E. 8th St., 813-242-8472, The now-venerable clothing and furnishings chain still manages to appear cutting-edge and subversive; maybe it's those artist-executed window displays with all the plywood.

14. Wear Me Out! Centro Ybor, 1600 E. 8th St., 813-242-7842. Sharon Rose moved her Mermaid's Slipper to Centro and changed its name, but her merchandise is the same alluring selection of wearable art and accessories, including beautifully crafted handbags. Taffeta boa, anyone?

15. Ybor Saturday Morning Market Centennial Park, 8th Ave and 19th St., One-stop shopping for fresh produce, handmade goods, organic skin care, recycled art and so much more. Every Saturday (year-round): Sept.-April, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; May-Aug., 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

16. Ybor Ybor Centro Ybor, 1600 E. 8th St., 813-247-4255. Swimwear, souvenirs, sweatshirts for those who want their friends to know they've been to Tampa, goshdarnit!


17. El Sol Cigars 1728 E. 7th Ave., 813-248-5905,

18. Gonzalez y Martinez 2103 E. 7th Ave.,

19. La Herencia De Cuba 1817 E. 7th Ave., 1-800-324-9803,

20. King Corona Cigars 1523 E. 7th Ave., 813-241-9109,

21. Nicahabana Cigars 1625 E. 7th Ave., 813-247-6061.

22. Stogie Castillo's Centro Ybor, 1600 E. 8th Ave., Tampa, 813-241-4010,

23. Tampa Sweetheart Cigar Co. 1310 N. 22nd St., 813-247-3880,

24. Ybor Cigars Plus 1725 E. 7th Ave., 813-900-9369,


25. 1603 Tattoo & Piercing Co. 1603 E. 7th Ave., 813-248-9153,

26. The Blue Devil Tattoo & Piercing Studio1712 E. 7th Ave., 813-241-6824,

27. Las Vegas Tattoo 1829 E. 7th Ave., 813-248-3004,

28. Phat Katz Tattoo 1632 E. 7th Ave., 813-247-4066,

29. Redletter1 1818 N. 15th St., 813-241-2435,


30. H2O Salon & Spa 2002 E. 5th Ave. (ent. on 20th), 813-248-5060,

31. Tribeca Color Salon/Becky Centro Ybor, 1600 E 8th Ave., 813-242-4080,

Furniture & Interior Design

32. Design Interiors 2234 E. 7th Ave., 813-247-4557,

33. Florida Business Interiors 1300 East 8th Ave., 813-655-8700,

34. IKEA 1103 N. 22nd St., 800-434-4532,

35. Larmon Furniture 1324 E. 7th Ave., 813-247-4711,


36. Ybor City Food Mart 1821 E. 7th Ave.

37. Ybor Supermarket 1618 E. 7th Ave, 813-248-4818.


38. Stone Chef Catering 1815 E. 7th Ave., 813-248-9810,


39. Don Vicente de Ybor Historic Inn 1915 Avenida Republica de Cuba (N. 14th St.), 813-241-4545,

40. Hampton Inn & Suites 1301 E. 7th Ave., 813-247-6700,

41. Hilton Garden Inn 1700 E. 9th Ave., 813-769-9267,

42. Ybor House 2218-2222 E. 9th Ave,

Visitor Services/ Ybor Information

43. Visitor Information Center Centro Ybor, 813-241-8838,

44. Ybor City Chamber of Commerce 1800 E. 9th Ave.,, 813-248-3712.

45. Ybor City Development Corporation 2015 E. 7th Ave., 813-274-7936,