What will Weatherford and Brandes do in wake of poll showing overwhelming support for ban on texting while driving?

  • Florida Speaker of the House Will Weatherford

Most polls have shown Americans (and Floridians) strongly supporting distracted driving legislation. That's never seen to make much of an impression on the members of the Florida Legislature — at least not the ones with the power to allow such legislation to get an up or down vote in Tallahassee.

Will that still be the case in 2013? Initial comments from leading state lawmakers haven't been encouraging in the wake of the latest bills proposed on the subject.

But will influential legislators like Will Weatherford and Jeff Brandes continue to trump individual rights over the collective safety of the public in the wake of a Tampa Bay Times poll released on New Years Day that shows 89 percent of those surveyed in Hillsborough and Pinellas County favor a ban on texting while driving?