Early Adam Sandler flicks Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore now out on Blu-Ray

They're as funny as they were back in the '90s, and now you can view them on Blu-Ray. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are two Adam Sandler classics, and mark the beginning of the comedian's rise to cinematic fame and fortune.

I don’t remember when I first saw Billy Madison, but I do recall watching it numerous times while growing up. Seeing it today, the movie is still hilarious. Adam Sandler may have already been a star from Saturday Night Live, but Billy Madison was the first in a series of movies that showed us the brilliance of endearing immaturity.

Sandler plays the title role, a 20-something loser who still lives off his father’s (the late Darren McGavin) business fortunes. He lounges at the pool with his friends Frank (Norm MacDonald) and Jack (Mark Beltzman), speaks gibberish at the dinner table in front of his father’s clients and has a few encounters with a human-sized penguin who may or may not be important to the storyline (he isn’t, but Billy is convinced otherwise).