Solar tiles keep your roof in style

Tile roofs are popular, especially in Florida. If you've considered solar power but didn't like the thought of solar panels mucking up your home's look, there's a new alternative. SRS Energy has teamed up with US Tile to offer you solar energy in the form of "barrel-style" tiles.

The additional weight and possibly undesirable appearance of standard solar energy panels might prohibit home owners from taking advantage of the sun's rays we get in Florida nearly every day. With the solar energy technology built right into the special tiles, there's no additional weight bearing down on your house and no rectangular panels to avert your eyes from. In fact, the solar tiles actually weigh less than clay tiles of the same size.

Their new product, called Solé Power Tiles, are the same size and shape as US Tile's standard authentic clay tiles. They will fit alongside the clay tiles or fill entire sections of the roof without ruining the effect of the tiling.