Mile high

Jimmy Page closes the Beijing Olympics. Huh?

Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis close the Olympics

Whole lotta creepy.

The Obama convention story arc

He's just a middle-class kid who isn't really black, certainly isn't Muslim, is a populist and a liberal, a fighter and a peace-lover, and his best friend is Hillary Clinton.

American Idol adds fourth judge for new season

It's Kara DioGuardi. Clarence Thomas couldn't make his schedule work.

Tampa firefighters get big raise

Mayor didn't want it, but City Council members cite simple economics: Without the firefighters union endorsement, their future political paychecks are in peril.

Umps hate the Rays

Proof: The head of the World Umpires Association has a "No Waterfront Stadium" yard sign at his house.

Ben Affleck at convention, playing charity poker

Don't think of it as demeaning to the political process; think of it as keeping him away from making a film.

Labor Day

With Tampa Bay leading the state in unemployment, does that mean we don't get the day off?

Madonna compares McCain to Hitler

Just, you know, without that funny little mustache.