New York Magazine loves St. Pete: Travel story sings area's praises

It's been a pretty terrible week for St. Petersburg, with the murder of another police officer attracting unwelcome national attention and leaving residents wondering what's going on with their town. So it's at least a small comfort that the things we usually boast about — the culture, the restaurants, the weather — can still get us some good publicity.

Case in point: New York Magazine's travel site, in its Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan, devotes six pages to St. Pete in a feature titled "Soak in Sun and  Culture in St. Petersburg." The intro limns the city's charms in language that could have been dreamed up by the St. Pete tourist bureau: "Fashionably renovated hotels, gleaming new art museums, and a resurgence of music have given this formerly senior-dominated Florida destination an increasingly youthful edge."

Among the attractions singled out in St. Pete and environs were the usual suspects,