Florida LWV back in the business now of registering voters

Six days after federal judge Robert Hinkle blocked the section of the elections bill passed in 2011 that would have given voter-registration groups only 48 hours to turn registration forms over to the state-or risk severe fines, members of the League of Women Voters held press events to announce that they were back in the business of registering voters, though they're not doing so just yet.

In his ruling last week, Judge Hinkle wrote that the 48-hour window imposed a serious burden on groups like the LWV, adding that "permitting responsible organizations to conduct voter-registration drives and making it easier for citizens to register and vote promotes democracy."

"We're not going to get started with the registration right away," cautions Darden Rice, President of the St. Pete League of Women Voters. She says that her organization needs to go through the formal process of filing with the state their list of officers and volunteers who will be collecting and submitting voter registrations.