On the Sauce: Peach Bourbon Popsicles

How to turn your favorite cocktail into boozy ice pops for summertime.

One of the worst parts about growing up: things we used to love doing as children that we, for whatever reason, stop doing as adults. Hide and seek, sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons come to mind. I mean, I was invited to a grown-up summer get-together that involved a Slip 'N Slide once. But that’s a story for a different blog.

Another childhood pastime I miss? The popsicle. Who didn’t love the ice pops that came in plastic packaging and required Mom to snip off the top with a pair of scissors? You know the ones. Their razor-sharp edges cut the shit out of the sides of your mouth, but you dealt with the pain anyway.

Booze, of course, helps bring these sweet treats into adulthood. You can turn virtually any of your favorite cocktails into popsicles that’ll cool you down on a hot Florida afternoon, including On the Sauce's previous Dirty Banana, Jalapeño-Watermelon and Summer Sunshine concoctions.

As far as other ideas goes, I love me some bourbon mixed with fruit; bourbon with lemonade is also a refreshing summertime drink — add in peach and blueberries, and now we’re talking. Those who aren’t whiskey fans can use vodka, gin or rum as an easy substitute.

And no worries if you don’t have popsicle molds. I didn’t and still don’t, so here’s a life hack: You can make these spiked ice pops with miniature Dixie cups and wooden coffee stirrers (see below). Boom. You now have premade frozen cocktails ready for when the mood strikes.

Chris Fasick

Peach Bourbon Popsicles

Makes 1

3-4 fresh blueberries

1 ounce Bird Dog Peach Whiskey

3 ounces lemonade

In a mini Dixie cup, gently muddle blueberries. Add whiskey and lemonade. Top the cup with a piece of foil, cut a small slit in the middle with a knife, and insert a coffee stirrer. (The foil will help keep the stirrer centered and upright.) Freeze for 4-6 hours.

To remove popsicle from a paper cup, simply snip the edge of the cup with scissors and peel off. With plastic cups, run under cool water for about 30 seconds until the popsicle pulls out.

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