Celebrating Record Store Day at Mojo Books & Music with Sons of Hippies, free PBR and more

Vinyl nerds, collectors and lovers of music alike all gathered at their establishment of choice this Saturday to celebrate a holiday of sorts: Record Store Day.

I spent a few hours at Mojo Books & Music off Fowler Avenue in Tampa to partake in the festivities. If the lure of limited edition records wasn’t enough, Mojo rolled out the racks of American Apparel t-shirts to get the kids salivating. There were Beatles shirts aplenty, $1 books, Bob Masse concert posters and shelves lined with bobble heads. But the real attraction was the music.

I knew it was going to be a good day when I walked in and overheard owner Dan Drummond telling Katherine Kelly of Sons of Hippies that they could play as long as they wanted. The Sarasota-based trio wasted no time with introductions and launched into a spirited set shortly after 2 p.m. Drummer Jonas Canales’ heart-pounding rhythms vibrated through the floor and into the feet of the growing crowd that surrounded the store's front counter. Men and women, young and old, children and parents, single and married — pick a walk of life and they were there.