Despite growing problems, Herman Cain's lead in Florida INCREASES

Ronda Storms is standing by her man - Herman Cain
  • Ronda Storms is standing by her man - Herman Cain

The St. Pete Times Adam C. Smith does a timely check-in among the Herman Cain supporters in Tampa Bay and Florida this morning as the sexual harassment charges against the former pizza man continue to stay in the news.

Like Mitt Romney in last night's debate, those interviewed by the Times Political editor aren't really "going there" in terms of discussing the sensitive issues, though Eastern Hillsborough County state Senator Ronda Storms does appear to speak for the overwhelming number of Cain supporters when she says blasts the woman who held a news conference on Monday saying Cain groped her in 1997.

"You don't get to come forward 15 years or 14 years later and say this happened," Storms says.

Apparently that's the sentiment of the majority of Florida Republicans, if you take seriously this morning's new Quinnipiac survey, that shows Cain with a six percentage point lead over Mitt Romney, 27-21.

A Rasmussen poll released Wednesday night shows Cain with that same six point lead, in this case 30-24 percent.