The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics)

A man with diphallia explains what it's like to live, and have sex with, two functioning penises.

A few days ago an anonymous man known only as "The Double Dick Dude" (DDD) made waves online when he exposed his two, fully functioning penises to the world. Naturally the public had many questions and the man had many answers, along with plenty of photos to corroborate his story.

DDD was born with a non-genetic condition known as diphallia. Despite DDD's claims that growing up with two functioning penises was less than amazing, his anatomical anomaly did seem to get him into far more sexual adventures than the average male in his early twenties. DDD reports that he has had double blow jobs with many different partners. He also claims he has used both dicks to simultaneously penetrate both female and male partners. Despite the growing public desire to see his two penises in action, DDD is adamant that he will not do porn or release a sex tape.

Below are the extraordinary pictures DDD posted on his twitter page, @DiphallicDude, and answers to frequently asked questions he posted on his tumblr page,

click to enlarge The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics) - @DIPHALLICDUDE
The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics)
  • @DiphallicDude

Do both dicks work?

Yes, 100%. I can pee out of both and come/ejaculate out of both.

How big are they?

The right one is around 3 1/2-4 inches soft; 7’ish inches hard. The left one is roughly the same soft and 6’ish inches hard.

Can you come multiple times?

Yes, whichever one I start with, after I come I can use the other immediately and keep going. Then switch back and keep going. I can go a few hours, having orgasms roughly ever five to 10 minutes.

Have you ever penetrated a woman vaginally and anally simultaneously?

Yes, many many times. Also I have put both in the pink and both in the stink. Same for guys.

Do straight guys like your cocks as much as you claim?

Yep, at least the ones who’ve seen them in person. My cocks are like a unicorn or… in my case a magical ram. ;)

Why don't you get one circumcised so we can known the answer of which is better, cut or uncut?

You cut something off your body just to satisfy other people and tell me how that goes.

click to enlarge The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics) - @DIPHALLICDUDE
The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics)

Why didn't you get the extra one cut off?

Why? They both work. I may call the right one my dominant one, but the truth is, the doctors weren’t sure which one actually was the dominant one.

Do you think having two cocks made you bisexual?

I don’t think so. I’ve had two all my life so trying to imagine how I would’ve turned out otherwise is tough to do.

Do you show it off in public, like in a bathroom or locker room?

No. In bathrooms I use the stall if at all possible. Regardless of what people think, guys do look. It’s denial when guys say no one looks. Some people do. I know, because it’s happened to me. Since I can’t internally control which dick the pee comes out of I have to take both out.

Why don't you do porn?

There is no price tag on my dignity. In that environment you go from being unique to becoming a novelty. I have no desire to exploit myself in that way. When it came to taking photos of my cocks and posting them on the Internet… I did it because, without them, no one would believe it. Plus I felt it was worth educating people that this exists and it’s not freakish or unfortunate.

click to enlarge The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics) - @DIPHALLICDUDE
The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics)

How can you date two people? Does one of them ever get jealous? How does the sex work?

There’s a special kind of understanding that is required to manage a 3-way relationship. Communication is key, even if you think it might make things difficult. It’s always better to be honest and open because then no one has the chance to assume anything. Neither of my partners have gotten jealous and I have never been jealous of the two of them. They were together before they met me. My boyfriend realized he was bisexual once it was revealed that I have two cocks. It’s pretty lengthy to explain it all. As for sex between the three of us, I’m not willing to go into details as that is personal. However we satisfy each other and there has yet to be any problems.

Some people swear your photos are fake and want you to post video. You said you won't post video. So they continue to doubt you have two cocks. How does that make you feel?

It doesn’t bother me at all. My anatomy requires no ones belief in it to exist. I have no desire to make videos, my photos are plenty. Besides, what I feel is the most important thing at this point is the message, the knowledge and understanding I hope to inspire. Drooling over my dicks was never the purpose for going public with them.

click to enlarge The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics) - @DIPHALLICDUDE
The man with two penises answers your questions (NSFW pics)

Will you ever post a photo of your face?

No, absolutely not. I’ve seen a lot of reactions to this. Some are respectful, some are angry, some are disappointed. There are some things that simply cannot be understood. To understand how having two cocks can impact your life (besides the physical/sexual aspect) you must have two cocks. There are a lot of people (mostly men) who believe that having two cocks would make their life great. It did not make mine great. When it was revealed in my last two years of high school, it made life hell. Once I graduated I went on a rebellious streak and ‘owned’ my cocks. I was very open about it and everywhere I went, I was no longer me. I was the guy with two cocks. Half of the attention was disbelief (which was accompanied by a demand for proof). The other half were assumptions.

No matter what I said or did, I was still just the guy with two cocks. The only way I can put it that might click with most people is the dichotomy of Clark Kent and Superman. If he had revealed he was Clark and vice versa he would never have had a moment of personal time. We all saw the kind of grief he and Lois experienced, and only she knew. If he had revealed himself, everywhere he went people would expect things, or assume whatever. Anything not spelled out, would be filled in by the individuals assumptions. Every action would be perceived as motivated by the secret. He would never have had ‘down’ time. To be honest, having two cocks does not make up for every single shred of my privacy being obliterated. It does not make up for being judged one way or another. People set up expectations of a person based on what they know. My two cocks are a part of me, they aren’t all I am.

Why did you go public after all of this time?

There’s a ton of judgment and ridicule against people for things they cannot control. Deformities, medical abnormalities, mental conditions and a variety of other handicaps. There are tons of people who have to keep something secret because if anyone knew, it would change their life, and not always for the better. There are people who live in fear of what others may think. Someone needed to tap the fishbowl of the world and get everyone’s attention. I thought, you know? I can get their attention, and manage it in a way that will keep me safe. I can get their attention and try to make a positive difference.

I can’t tell you how many fantastic comments, messages and notes I’ve gotten since my Reddit AMA. People who said things as small as “You made me laugh, thank you.” To “You made me feel like I could go another day.” And “I feel better knowing you are alive in the world right now.” Some of it was detailed and 90% of those messages had very little to do with my body and more to do with my attitude and thoughts on things. I made people feel better, I made someone rethink something, I made it easier for someone to come out. I reached someone who felt no one else could understand them.

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