Things I hate today (and most likely will hate tomorrow)

I hate …

• Guys who say “awwwwwww.”

• that the only wall calendar left in the office has pictures of kittens and puppies.

• lima beans.

• seeing that flashing “Congestion Ahead” sign on the Tampa side of the Howard Frankland Bridge when I’ve already crawled across the bridge at 2 mph.

• that pundits are calling Obama crowds creepy and cultish. Dude gets people pumped up; what’s wrong with that?

• that Michael Clayton is up for a Best Picture, while Into the Wild could only scrape together nominations for Best Supporting Actor (Hal Holbrook) and Film Editing.

• Kobe Bryant.

• that this is the last season of The Wire. (Omar had better off Marlo Stansfield or I’m gon’ be pissed.)

• that cinnamon buns are bad for you.

• that the notion of a “cold snap” will soon be a memory — until NOVEMBER.