On the eve of panhandling vote, Tampa City Council to hear from public on Buckhorn budget

  • Roy Jenkins Pool

In his five months on the job, the only thing close to a controversy in Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's tenure was his unfortunate rebuke to Council member Frank Reddick that "I only need four votes." The mayor made that comment came after an angry Reddick said he would not support Buckhorn's FY2012 budget if it didn't include funding for restoring Williams pool in East Tampa.

Reddick had been getting heat from his constituents for the fact that the swimming pool had been closed for years, and other members of council had also begun showing their frustration with city staff about finding out what the actual costs would be to repair the swimming pool, located in Williams Park off of MLK Blvd.

Ultimately, the city announced they had $1.2 million to fix the pool, where construction is scheduled to begin next year. But when the Tampa City Council gathers tonight at 5:01 p.m., they'll be hearing about funding for another swimming pool - this one in Davis Islands.