From blue collar to blue plate special: Trailer trash pot roast

The tide has definitely started to turn, weather-wise, for us down here in the Sunshine State. The temperatures this past few weeks have actually dipped down into the 50’s a few times. From April through November, I long for this respite from our oppressive heat and grueling humidity, however short-lived it may be. I revel in the cool, crisp air and bright, clear skies! This nippy weather also makes turning on the oven for long periods of time a lot more inviting. It begs for some comfort food to be made. I’m only too happy to oblige.

I first saw this pot roast recipe presented about twenty years ago while on vacation in western Pennsylvania. I was sitting with my coffee watching a local TV morning show when a cooking segment came on. I watched in horror as some local yokel dumped a packet of onion soup mix, a can of Coke and a bottle (yes, a whole bottle) of chili sauce on top of a big slab of beef and stuck it in the oven. He didn’t even mix the ingredients together first! I was aghast, yet I couldn’t look away – like when you drive by an accident on the interstate. You know you shouldn’t gawk, but you can’t help yourself.