Screw the blockbusters! CL presents: The Alternative Summer Movie Preview

[Editor's Note: If you really want to know about the blockbusters, check Joe Bardi's Summer Movie Preview. And for reviews of many of the summer's biggest releases, check out the Daily Loaf Movie Review Index.]

Yes, every summer movie season looks more the same as the last one. We have another Shrek, another Iron Man, another Sex and the City, another Twilight, another … well you get the point. Indie movies are the only remedy for this Summer blockbuster fatigue. Last year was quite strong (The Hurt Locker, Moon, 500 Days of Summer, The Cove), and this year we have an even more unusually fruitful indie selection. Experimental foreign films, quirky Sundance comedies, low budget shock-horror, socially conscious documentaries — you name it, it's probably coming out this summer.