The magic of clicking with people like clockwork: a book review of Click

We've all experienced it: an instant connection with a complete stranger that makes you believe in soul mates, destiny, and love at first sight—-a feeling so strong you consider leaving everything and running off to Mexico with a virtual stranger. Then there are the moments when you feel in the zone and totally connected with your environment. Click, a new book by the New York Times bestselling authors of Sway, analyzes the mechanics of these magical moments.

When things clicks we feel more alive, more engaged, and more in touch with everything in an almost supernatural way—-a description that parallels the use of stimulants like caffeine or cocaine. Clicking creates a euphoric state, causing areas of the brain associated with dopamine absorption to activate as they do when on stimulants. Dopamine fuels pleasure and produces a euphoria that heightens our sense of being alive and aware. A hot new romance actually is a drug.

So why should you care? Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman provide a book's worth of examples on how relationships based on these quick-set intimacies can benefit us. Couples who instantly click have more