#MusicMonday, Vol. VIII: what the CL team is listening to right now, from Cults to Travie McCoy to Chick Corea and more

Ever wonder what the Creative Loafing music team listens to on Mondays to get us through the day? Here’s this week’s selections. Click here to check out past MusicMonday selections.

Leilani Cults, S/T 7"

Sticky, happy, shiny low-fi indie pop by a new NYC duo. It's only three songs, but I've been listening to said songs on repeat this morning, so catchy are they that I've woken up with "Come Outside" in my head pretty much every day for the past five. Download the 7" for free at the Cults bandcamp site. You won't be disappointed and it might even brighten up your sorry day.

Gabe Steve Miller Band, Bingo! (out this Tuesday, June 15, 2010)

Steve Miller's first album in almost two decades and it's a winner. A return to his rock/blues roots finds the Space Cowboy at the top of his game. Although a bit short in duration (total playing time is about 34 minutes), this is a solid release from start to finish. Welcome back, Steve!!

Taylor M. Ward, Post-War (2006)

M. Ward's voice is soaked in butta, and his fingers flip all over his guitar and vibrate in my brain. He was the soundtrack for my rainy weekend.

Infinite SkillzB.A.S.E. Inc and Joe Budden, Escape Route (2009)

I'm prepping for this Friday's big Homegrown Hip Hop 2 show at the State Theatre, so I'm actually listening to myself. I did slide in a little Budden while I was mixing down some audio.