Experiment with Yoga to balance your body, mind and soul

The study of yoga was first brought to the Western world by Paramahansa Yogananda as a way of spreading enlightenment.  He popularized yoga and meditation through his autobiography, “Autobiography of a Yogi” which was first published in 1946.  This ancient tradition offers many esoteric and physical benefits with regular practice. 

Some of the physical benefits include increased toning, flexibility, improved posture, improved lung capacity, as well as lowered blood pressure.  Yoga can also assist with many chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis, asthma and insomnia.  Yoga also brings in a state of calm which reflects stress build up in one’s life.  We all know that stress effects your entire being especially your physical health as the emotional and mental create the physical health.

The focused breathing brings your mind focus to your breath which brings calm and a sense of peace to your whole body.  By the focus and attention needed during yoga to perform the poses many regular students verbalize their increased concentration.  Additionally, the process improves one’s mood as the poses are designed to open and balance the body’s energy vortices or chakras

There are many esoteric benefits as well to regular yoga practice.  The breathing techniques and poses bring you into a calm meditative state where great understandings and messages may be received.  This state connects you to your higher self and soul bringing in clarity for path and higher purpose.  Yoga connects you to Earth’s energies as well as to the Universal energies which grounds you but also connects you above the Earth plane as well. 

Yoga can be learned and performed through individual or group practice.  There are many books and DVD’s available to learn the basic poses or to move into more advanced work.  There are also many local facilities in the area which offer regularly scheduled yoga classes.  Don’t delay begin your yoga practice today!!