Study: Trials for promising HIV prevention drug, Truvada, halted

Researches stopped a study on the daily antiretroviral pill, Truvada, after early data showed that just as many women on the pill as those on the placebo had become infected with HIV.

An independent panel analyzed the blood tests from nearly 1,900 women scattered about South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania—-about half of the women researchers had hoped to enlist. Of the women taking Truvada and those on a placebo pill, 28 in each group become infected.

The results surprised researchers as a study that came out last November found that gay men who took Truvada pills faithfully had more than 90% protection against HIV infection. Also, a study published in the summer out of South Africa found that women who used a vaginal gel form of the antiretroviral drug, tenofovir—-one of two antiretrovirals in Truvada—-reduced infection rates by