Gamers deserve dates, too. In the UK, they get them.

Gamers get a bad rap – we're all about ultra-violence and bloody constraint. The more spines ripped from bodies, the better.

Well, I'm here to tell you that's just a stereotype, a nasty, vicious one to boot. We're fully rounded (sometimes really rounded) people, too. We laugh, we cry, we sometimes even read books, but most of all we appreciate a quality gaming experience over pure gore. Don't take my word for it; some real, live scientists did a study and proved it's true. All right, one study does not make it a fact, but this definitely jibes with what I know and like. The blood can be fun, but its novelty only lasts a few minutes. For a game to be good, you've got to keep on playing and playing it, and no way you're going to do that unless the game play is fun. Unless maybe there are boobs too...

Which brings me to Game 4 a Date, a personals site for game players.