Dreaming of dogs in the bathtub

“Hi Dream Momma,  I am an 18 year old girl and a student at USF. I have been feeling depressed lately and maybe that has to do with my dream.In my dream, I am at a friend's house from work but it is really my old house that I moved out of 5 years ago. They are making fun of my breast size and passing my bras to each other. I am embarrassed so I go to the bathroom. On my way there, I keep touching the walls and looking at everything. As I am going downstairs, a dog comes up and I start petting him. He starts to jump on me and lick me. Then about 5 puppies walk by and look at me. Then another dog starts pulling at my jeans and play-biting me. I try to walk away from him but he keeps pulling me back. He is all over me. I was anxious to go to the bathroom to get away from the dogs, but there was no door to separate me from the dogs. Then I saw two dogs in the bathtub. When I turned around, two greyhounds swam over to me. Somehow I end up in water and the 2 greyhounds and the dog that was play-biting me are drowning me. Then I wake up.” (sic)

This is an interesting dream. It is full of symbolic animals and numbers. ?Let’s do numbers first.