No lifeguard on duty...

What: Go for a midnight swim.

Where: The Gulf of Mexico

Must-Do? Says Who? Marine creatures.

Casualties: Some would say the possibility of attack by shark or stingray. I say that’s a small price to pay for Gulf glory.

Dress Code: Monogrammed bathrobe. But with somebody else’s initials. Meaning it’s not your bathrobe. Meaning you stole it.

Some people will probably make fun of us. Most twenty-somethings try to do something overtly social in the evenings and on weekends especially, often times catalyzed by alcohol: bars, clubs, restaurants, parties. Standard fare. Some people might call us weird, or even worse, Losers with a capital “L” and a thumb-and-forefinger symbol on the forehead.

I don’t care. Taking a midnight dip in the Gulf is arguably the most fun you can have with or without your clothes on.