Afghan incident exposes GOP fissures in foreign policy

Americans awoke Sunday morning to hear the horrific news that an American soldier wandering outside his base in a southern Afghan village had indiscriminately began shooting and killing at least 16 civilians, and undoubtedly setting off more anti-American sentiment in the region.

The incident emboldened GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich to declare on both Fox News Sunday and CBS's Face The Nation that it's time to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan now.

On Fox, Gingrich said the same thing:

GINGRICH: I think it's very likely that we have lost — tragically lost the lives and suffered injuries to a considerable number of young Americans on a mission that we're going to discover is not doable. And what point do you — by not doable I mean you are not going to get Afghanistan and Pakistan and frankly watch what's happening in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood — look at the things that are going on around the region and then ask yourself: is this, in fact, a harder, deeper problem that is not going to be susceptible to military force, at least not military forces in the scale we are prepared to do?