Buckhorn declares July 4 "Independence from Oil Day" in Tampa

As Tampa and the rest of the nation celebrate by doing what Americans traditionally do on the 4th of July, or any holiday for that matter - eat heart attack inducing meat products washed down by copious amounts of alcohol, Mayor Bob Buckhorn is signaling out America's independence by declaring it "Independence from Oil Day" in Tampa.

In a written proclamation, the mayor today issued out this document, on the same day when Tampa Bay area citizens were cruelly brought back to the fact that it will not have high speed or light rail in its future any time soon, to declare in classic proclamation form (that is, with an extensive amount of "whereas'), that he was calling America's holiday, Tampa's holiday from the all encompassing motor vehicle:

WHEREAS, for more than a century, the bicycle and traveling by foot has been an important
part of the lives of many Americans; and

WHEREAS, today, millions of Americans engage in bicycling and walking because it is a
viable and environmentally sound means of transportation, an excellent form of fitness, provides quality
family recreation, and can save a family hundreds of dollars in gasoline costs; and