GOP Unity rally scheduled two days after Dems hold their own; Crist and Meek all over Sunday talk; and the meaning behind Glenn Beck's huge DC rally: Mitch Perry Report

This afternoon in Tampa the much anticipated "Unity" event with the Florida Republicans will take place.  It comes two days after the entire Democratic slate of state wide candidates held three big rallies of a similar nature, including one that was pretty successful in Tampa. Will we see the same love shared on the stage like we saw when fierce primary opponents Dan Gelber and Dave Aronberg affixed their former rivals stickers on their jackets, as the two Attorney General primary candidates did on Saturday?  We'll report on that.

Charlie Crist was busy over the weekend, speaking to CNN on interviews that were broken up on Saturday and Sunday, in which the good Governor was sort of all over the place on a few key issues.  Kendrick Meek got a network and a cable booking yesterday - but did he make the most out of it?

And Glenn Beck hosted a huge gathering of folks in Washington on Saturday.  An interview recorded after that event and viewed yesterday on Fox News was not one of the cable and radio show's brightest moments.


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