Meet Insatiable author Shary Hauer tonight at Clearwater's Barnes & Noble

The book is ideal for anyone who's had a serious love jones.

Local author Shary Hauer says her desire to help others lift out of their own trance of unworthiness and raise awareness about love addiction overrode any worries or fears she had about coming clean with some hard-won wisdom in her new book, Insatiable, which released May 20. Meet Hauer at a book signing 6 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, Clearwater (U.S. 19 and Sunset Point).

Hauer's first-person account details a powerful dependence to love (not to be confused with a sexual dependence), offering intimate moments of childhood trauma that led her to making wrong choices as an adult.

The beginning of the book takes us into Hauer's wrecking ball of a divorce with her husband, John. She tells us of the great “honeymoon” phase, while she was swarmed with adoration and grandiose gestures of his desire for her which quickly faded after the wedding. Hauer became starved for affection and resistant to this change in her husband and put her own feelings aside to be the ultimate cheerleader. Things just go downhill from there, as one would imagine.

Insatiable works because it's a raw firsthand story of a successful executive woman who lived with case of a chronic need for a romantic partner for 20 plus years. Having survived all the severe emotional pitfalls wrought by this obsession — affairs, depression, morality breaks, divorce, abusive relationships — Hauer eventually found enlightenment and now strives to share with her readers what healthy love and complete self-awareness can be.