Spoiler Corner: Glee, Up All Night, Vampire Diaries and more!

Everyone's doing it and losing it on Glee.

Curious about your favorite shows? Is someone going to die? Is your favorite couple getting engaged? Hookups? Breakups? Well, here you will find all the answers to your burning questions!

Glee Regardless of whatever is going on in your sex life tonight, the Glee seniors will definitely be getting it on. The ultimate virginity episode is finally upon us. Blaine and Kurt will be having sex, and although the details are being kept under wraps, from the picture it looks like Blurt fans are in for a romantic and passionate encounter. Although Finchel fans should be equally excited about Finn and Rachel's sex scene as well ... a little more sweaty, apparently happening in front of a fireplace. But this week is not allabout sex; it also marks the triumphant return of The Warblers. For a sneak peek at their fabulous performance and a list of tonight's songs, join me after the break!