Seminole Heights' King of the Coop will expand into the former Florida Eats' space

More seating, more hot chicken options and less chance of selling out.

Next month, King of the Coop will introduce new menu items and expanded seating, which means no more standing-and-eating or snatching your tenders to go before eating them in your car (OK, you can still do that if you want). 

King of the Coop owner Joe Dodd told CL that he is taking over the space that the Coop's neighbor, Florida Eats, occupied until closing early this month.

The reasoning behind the expansion is pretty simple. Dodd wants to feed all hot chicken lovers of Tampa Bay — not just the ones who are lucky enough to get an order in before the goods get snatched up. Now King of the Coop — which is adding wings and breast quarters to the menu by the end of next month — will be able to meet demands and avoid selling out of its Nashville-style hot chicken during the rush.

"We still sell out every now and then, and I would hate to do that while someone is in line due to an online order," Dodd explains, adding that he's had trouble with the current online ordering system he's using. "We're going to transition from online ordering to delivery apps including DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates."

Expanded seating will also be available by mid-to-late September when Dodd reopens a doorway that connected the Coop to the old Florida Eats space. Until then, the former Florida Eats kitchen will be used for catering orders and the Coop's new tailgate packages designed to feed football fans. 

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