The Black Keys share "Turn Blue," the title track off their forthcoming album

The duo's latest is due out May 13.

The Black Keys are due to drop their eighth studio LP Turn Blue on May 13. Following the release of lead off single "Fever" — which is already getting some serious alt-radio airplay — the Keys dropped the album's namesake track earlier today.

"Turn Blue" is hazy slow jam tinged with Dan Aurbach's Studio 54 falsetto and a hooky, repetitive guitar lick that that makes for a pretty standard Black Keys affair. Longtime producing collaborator Danger Mouse lends his knack for spaced-out retro atmospheres to create a darkened mood that doesn't deviate far from what we've come to expect from the keys over their last three albums, proving the axiom that you shouldn't fix what isn't broken. Aurbach's general lyrical message of "I'm a mysterious, jilted lover not to be fucked with" is on full display as he croons through the chorus of "I really don't think you know/ There could be hell below, below." By now it seems safe to say a Black Keys song is like musical, store-bought steak and potatoes: simple, familiar, and respectable enough to not leave you hating yourself too much after consumption.

Listen to "Turn Blue" below, then check out the uber-weird teaser for the album right after that.