Concert Review: The Get Up Kids at State Theatre, St. Petersburg (with pics)

What do you get when a recently re-united, mid-1990’s emo band plays State Theatre with an album's worth of new tracks? [All photos by Mike Wilson.]

Ehh, not much. And that hurts to say, especially in regard to one of the first indie bands I avidly listened to. It wasn’t completely unexpected. Any group kicking around for more than 25 years is almost bound to degrade a bit through sheer repetition; tour, tour, record, tour, tour, record ... you get it. This, exacerbated by an indie label-backed existence, surely making road life a little less comfortable than their major label counterparts, makes you understand how a band like the Get Up Kids can get a little worn over the years.

That’s not to say their Friday night show in St. Pete was bad by any means, it just wasn’t as joyous or captivating as I’d expected a re-united, subjectively legendary band would be. You’re back! Smile! No? Ok...