Critics have right to be skeptical about Rick Scott's Task Force on Stand Your Ground

  • Will Weatherford

You don't have to be a conspiracy nut to believe that the odds are fairly good that the task force appointed last week by Governor Rick Scott to examine Florida's Stand Your Ground law isn't going to do anything radical when it comes to how to amend that controversial legislation.

Needless to say, the Governor showed his hand when that list came out last week, which includes four members of the state Legislature. Three of them co-sponsored or voted for the bill, while the fourth (Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford), sponsored the 2011 law that bans doctors from asking patients about gun ownership (a law that has since been struck down by a judge).

The task force chairwoman, Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll, also co-sponsored the bill in 2005.

There are no critics or legislators who voted against the bill on the task force, but the sentiment against doing anything against Stand Your Ground transcends the group and permeates most of Tallahassee's political culture.

Take Will Weatherford, for example, who helped select the task force. In an op-ed published in Friday's Tampa Bay Times, the incoming House Speaker boasts that Florida's "comprehensive and robust" gun laws (Critics call it something else. In the words of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, a gun owner, some of Florida's gun laws make the state "look like a bunch of knuckleheads").