Tampa City Council votes to try to find "one-stop shop" for the homeless

  • Jason Wilson

For nearly a year, the Tampa City Council has attempted to tackle the issue of panhandling in the city, but have never passed any type of resolution banning it in any sense, while the people with day-glow vests continue to grow on some of the city's busiest intersections.

One reason the Council had yet to vote on any such ban is the fact that they also are well aware of the economic pains felt by so many in the area that have to an increase of homelessness in Hillsborough County.

So before their vote on Thursday on panhandling, they agreed to a proposal to have city officials begin searching for a facility that can do for the city and county what Safe Harbor in Pinellas County has done for the homeless there (Later in the day, the council approved a partial 6 day ban on panhandling).