Hillsborough County School Board not ready to succumb to pressure on Islamic speakers

  • April Griffin

With the exception of their youngest member, the Hillsborough County School Board on Friday afternoon showed that they don't have a problem with their current policy regarding guest speakers.

A controversy has been provoked by some of the most notorious conservatives in the county, who have a problem with the board because the leader of the local branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Hassan Shibly, was invited to speak at Steinbrenner High School class in world history last year.

Shibly's association with CAIR has stoked the anti-Islamic passions of a bloc of Hillsborough residents, led by conservative activists David Caton and Terry Kemple.

Their opposition forced the board on Friday afternoon to hold a workshop on the district's policy regarding guest speakers in the classroom. The entire board, with the exception of Stacy White, agreed that nothing needed to be changed in the current policy.