Ex wife new life: treading on thin ice

What happened when I lied about my snow skiing skills to impress a guy.

I knew I had to do a little reinventing (AKA lying) when I started dating after my divorce. I felt I had to portray myself as a fun and interesting person instead of a divorcée and mother who got excited when Words With Friends posted, "Amy just played 'davenport' for 63 points." I mean sure, I find the Food Network utterly fascinating, but I had a feeling my dates wouldn't. (I did date one guy who printed out a picture of Quagmire and presented it to me over cocktails after I mentioned that I watch Family Guy. Dude. Srsly?)

To help convince myself that I was an interesting and exciting woman, when walking out the door for coffee dates I would chant over and over to myself, "I am fun and intelligent." Of course my confidence would wane when I realized I was at the wrong Starbucks and had just wasted money and calories on a venti latte. In all, I did not feel like the woman I was trying to convince others, and myself, that I was. But, I also believed that if I faked it long enough, I would become such a woman. This is how I found myself taking snow skiing lessons at Bill Jackson's in St. Pete, Fla. Yes you read that right. Florida. Ski lessons.