Mitch Perry Report: The Boston manhunt headlines a big Friday for news

The biggest story in the world this morning is all about the intense manhunt in a Boston suburb regarding a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. That suspect is supposed to be 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The other suspect, his 19-year-old brother, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, was shot and killed last night by police. Obviously this will be the biggest story tonight and perhaps into the weekend.....

We write to you for the first time in a week, after spending the last six days in parts of both Northern and Southern California. As you may have already read, I attended the Coachella Music Festival last weekend in suburban Palm Springs, an occasion I've found myself attending for the past five years consecutively (even though I always say I'm going to take a break one year).

I also was visiting my immediate family in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was also monitoring the many events that were going on news-wise here in the Tampa Bay area and in the Sunshine State, too much to go over today, but issues that of course will revisit in the days ahead. We do want to give our public congratulations to Tampa Bay Times editorial writers Tim Nickens and Dan Ruth for winning the Pulitzer the other day. Major props to those talented and esteemed journalists. And there was certainly big news earlier this week in St. Pete, with the announcement by Kathleen Ford that for the third time in four mayoral elections, she'll be running to lead the city.

Now how about we segue to a shameless plug that this earnest publication, Creative Loafing, is celebrating its 25th anniversary publishing in Tampa Bay this weekend? Well, we are. There's a series of different events happening to commemorate the occasion (details here). And part of those events include a discussion of how CL has covered the local political scene over the years, a discussion I'll be monitoring at 5:15 p.m. tomorrow at the Ritz. Please come if you can.

Also if you can get your hands on this week's issue, which includes looking at the paper, and in the case of my contribution, a personal look at alternative weeklies then and now.