Top Ten Local Foods To Eat This Week

  1. Greens - April and May mark the end of the growing season for salad greens in the area, which suffer heavily as temps gear up for the summer. Kale is good for you!
  2. Strawberries - It's almost the end for on of our area's biggest crops and some local farms will be opening their fields for personal picking, now that most of the big harvesting is done. This time of year, strawberries are usually super-ripe and exceptionally sweet, perfect for jams and jellies, or you can add a little sugar and freeze them in their own syrup for later use.
  3. Cucumbers - These guys are just coming into their own this time of year and you can usually find low-seed pickling varieties at farmer's markets and bigger ones at the supermarket.
  4. Sweet corn - We don't grow a lot of this around here, but if you can find it the ears will be ready to go. Here're some tips for cooking.
  5. Rhubarb -I love to eat these sweet-tart stalks of pseudo celery straight out of the fridge, but you can also make a mean pie with some late-season strawberries.
  6. Grapefruit - Some varieties keep coming in through the summer, but April is the end of the season for most. Buy a bunch an juice them for a better than orange breakfast treat.
  7. Valencias - These (often) seedless wonders are just hitting the market and great for juicing.
  8. Potatoes — Yet again, we don't grow a lot of these around here, but those we have will be sweeter than the supermarket selections. I've seen some at several local farmer's markets.
  9. Tomatoes - This is prime time for Ruskin's finest. Get 'em while they're bright and fresh.
  10. Blueberries - They're ripe and ready. You can make a crumble, but I like 'em in muffins, or just tossed in with my morning Cheerios.