Tampa Bay Rays raise sour grapes

"It's great to see the long-suffering (what was it, 10 years?) 8,000 or so Rays fans (and the 30,000 more that discovered the team in the last 6 weeks or so) win."Poster "garryW" on the Boston Globe's coverage of the Rays' ALCS victory

"Big Papi took a 'Big Poopie' during the entire postseason." —"RamblinWreck" on bostonherald.com

"What a great city for baseball: Tampa. So rich in baseball history and lore." —"Joe" on nytimes.com

"What must Lou Piniella be thinking right now?" —"SandyK" on baltimoresun.com

"I'm confused. Is Evan Longoria still married to Tony Parker?" —"scorpio27" on philly.com