Govern Yourself Accordingly

This comes courtesy of Howard K. Stern's new lawyer, L. Lin Wood, who warns those who would accuse the Anna Nicole Smith confidante of any wrongdoing Ñ or at least those NOT in the "traditional media" (via PRNewswire):

There is no evidence that Mr. Stern was in any way responsible for

the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith or her son, Daniel. The accusations

that Mr. Stern is guilty of murder have been recklessly and maliciously

invented and published by individuals and entities to advance their

personal agendas with the complicity of a ratings-driven media.

To those considering making future false accusations against Mr. Stern,

please consider the following advice: don't do it. You are not immune

from suit if you are not a member of the traditional media. Redress for

false attacks on reputation is available for Internet accusations as

well as those published in print or uttered on television and radio