Mitch Perry Report 11.15.11

The big news this morning waking up is that NYC police have gone into Zuccotti Park, emptying the home of the Occupy Wall Street movement for almost exactly two months. Having attended the the Assembly at the Occupy Tampa group just last night, it seems unlikely that will make local activists want to take their sleeping bags and go home. But we'll see how it plays out nationally.

Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is returning a campaign contribution that he never actually received.

Familiar with Gary Johnson? Former two-term Governor of New Mexico with an interesting record. He's actually running for President. But he doesn't get any love from the folks running the televised GOP debates, and today he filed a couple of complaints that probably won't make a difference, but at least gets him some more press.

And for your comedic pleasure- yesterday we posted an SNL skit mocking Rick Perry. Today, Herman Cain playing, well, Herman Cain, this time struggling with answering a question about U.S. involvement with Libya.