Kathy Castor uncertain about Nancy Pelosi leading the Dems; Alan Clendenin will challenge Rod Smith for FDP chair, and Democrats reassess the Debt Commission's recommendations: Mitch Perry Report: 11.15.10

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We were busy working over the weekend.  We spoke with Congresswoman Kathy Castor on Saturday, and heard her views about the leadership of the Democratic caucus in Washington, where she has mixed emotions about Nancy Pelosi saying she wants to stick around and be House Minority Leader.

Also on Saturday, we heard from Hillsborough County State Committeeman Alan Clendenin, who is not going away.  It appears the Florida Democratic party establishment is trying to rally everybody behind Rod Smith's candidacy to lead the party, but Clendenin tells CL why he's the better choice.

The President's Debt Commission's early recommendations released last week received lots of criticism, particularly from Democrats.  But some Democrats may be ready to use the proposal as a starting point.

And we saw John McCain talk about the don't ask, don't tell policy on gays in the military on Meet The Press yesterday, days after he made sure his wife agreed with thoughts on the subject.


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