The Great Goddess, a dream guide, a red rose and affirmation

“Hello Dream Momma!

I saw your video from the St. Petersburg short film festival on and a dream that I had in the wee hours of Saturday came to mind. I was starting a job at a company I worked for 25 years ago, and only one person was still there (she would be close to 70 now and I haven't had any contact with her in probably 20+ years). A gentleman in a suit, carrying a large bouquet of flowers (fall colors, I remember distinctly with no roses) had a single red rose in his other hand, which he gave to me and said welcome back. I knew this person wasn't an employee, however I did thank him and call him by his name...Morley Safer. "Thank you, Morley!"

I normally don't have dreams stick in my mind but this one was way far out there to say the least. Any clues as to what it might mean?” (sic)

I sure do! It’s a wonderful, affirming dream. Your unconscious, via your dream guide, is