"Let's stop talking and do some walking": the Prancercise revolution (with video)

This past winter did a number on my health, and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of the Bronchitis 2012-13 tour of my upper respiratory system — even today.

So, since I fell off my semi-religious routine of aerobics and outdoor exercise, I'm now 20 pounds mas, wondering what I've missed on the fitness frontier.

Sure, there's been a lot of god awful miserableness a la Insanity and CrossFit — boot-camp-style workouts that torture and bully you into shape with extreme calisthenics and PTSD. Not for me, thanks. I do not feel a masochistic urge for optional abuse, nor to partake of an activity that would plague me with flashbacks of screaming camo-short-shorts-clad SoHo women in headsets.

Delightful was what I was after, and I'm just prancing with glee that I found it in the form of Prancercise, a free-spirited walking/dancing routine you can engage in outdoors, conceived by fitness guru