Worst pick-up lines I've actually witnessed!

While I'm not so conceited and arrogant that I expect men and women to fawn over me with a wealth of compliments, I do believe that the occasional flirtation or pick-up line is a kind of compliment provided the right circumstances.  However, it seems every time I'm at a bar, swingers club, or even work I can't get away from attempts to gain my attention with recycled pick-up lines that the users believe are witty.  Some of these lines wouldn't even work to pick up a bus stop hooker. Most anything can work to break the ice with a potential love connection. The problem is that some men think these lines reflect positively on their sense of humor. They don't. All these lines show is that these men are stupid enough to think they will work. The only time a bad pick-up line can work is if the line is so bad it would take balls to actually use it, and if the speaker is obviously joking.