HART board gets proactive regarding possibility of consolidation with Pinellas County

Clearwater GOP state Senator Jack Latvala's idea of consolidating the Tampa Bay area's two biggest transit agencies- HART in Hillsborough County with PSTA in Pinellas, is roiling HART board members, who spoke in concerned tones about the proposal at their meeting on Monday.

With committee hearings already taking place in Tallahassee for next year's earlier than usual regular legislative session, some members of the agency today expressed concerns that they are behind in preparing an argument about why there's not nearly enough information available at the time to argue whether such a consolidation would actually be a good thing.

At its heart, most members of HART sound extremely suspicious about the whole idea, certainly absent hard data, none of which exists right now in terms of arguing why it would be a better situation than currently exists (though Senator Latvala said when addressing HART members last month that he believed on its face it would certainly save money for both counties).