Stay the Course

The Buzz first wrote about Jim Davis' tactic of tarring Charlie Crist with the phrase "stay the course" exactly one month ago, but the frequency of the Democratic candidate for governor's use of the annoying phrase has increased exponentially as the race draws to a close.

During Tuesday night's debate, Davis hit Crist six times with "staying the course." And today, on a conference call with statewide reporters, Davis didn't let up:

We cannot afford to stay the course in Tallahassee.

This bill is one of the worst examples of staying the course.

The biggest risk is doing nothing. And that is exactly what Charlie Crist is proposing, staying the course.

I agree that electing me would be bad for lobbyists in Tallahassee. The lobbyists want to stay the course.

Given the radioactive nature of that phrase and its linkage to President Bush's disastrous performance in Iraq, my guess is we're in for a lot more staying the course talk as Davis tries to close the gap.