Cooking for Obama's inauguration

The Associated Press asked a bunch of chefs what they would cook at Obama's inaugural dinner. Some of the respondents are likely already on the Obamas' short list — like Mexican-food guru Rick Bayless from Chicago's Tobolobampo, one of the family-elect's favorite eateries. Bayless has already cleared his schedule for that week, just in case, and has planned tortilla soup, Kona kampachi, ribeye and tamales, and apple pie with goat-milk caramel. Nice.

Most of the chefs were just tossing out ideas, but a few options are worthy of mention:

Rachael Ray — Sliders, mini-Chicago dogs and devilled eggs

Eric Ripert — Peanut butter souffle

Charlie Trotter — "Food that's good eatin'."

Andrew Zimmern — Goat, in taco-form

Never woulda thunk it, but I'm siding with miss 30-Minute Meals on this one.