Howard Kurtz 'fesses up on his own show

Every reporter has made mistakes. It's nothing that any of us who do this for a living are happy or proud about it, but it happens. Hopefully when it does, it's not too huge, and a correction can be made promptly.

But when it's the country's most highly visible media critic who screws up, it's a big story. So on Sunday morning, Howard Kurtz did the correct thing on his own Reliable Sources show on CNN to
apologize to Jason Collins, the 12-year NBA veteran who who last week became the first player from a major American sport to come out publicly as gay.

Kurtz' error was writing this in a piece on the Daily Beast, an institution he now no longer works at after this past week:

"I'm sure it wasn't easy becoming the first male athlete in a major sports league to come out as gay," Kurtz wrote. "But I have to assess a foul for the incomplete nature of the disclosure. Did Collins think his longtime squeeze was just going to stay silent?"

Uh, the problem was that Collins had mentioned his ex-fiance in his now famous Sports Illustrated letter coming out to the world.