DNC’s Spanish-language ad tells Latinos/as, “In whom can you trust”

This Friday, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla), the Democratic National Committee Chair (DNC), held a conference call to discuss the DNC’s new Spanish-language television ad, “En quien confiar (In whom can you trust).” The ad will be airing in areas of large Latino/a populations and key swing states: Tampa, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Albuquerque and Washington. The DNC’s ad appears to be striking back at the Republican National Committee’s Spanish-language ad, “Despertarse (Wake up),” which attacks Obama’s stimulus package and unemployment rates. However, Schultz maintains that the DNC ad is not just retaliating against the RNC’s ad: “This is nothing more than a strong signal of just how high a priority the Hispanic community is to this president and this campaign.”