It Happened This Week-ish: Lady Gaga's tumble, Jason Bateman line-cuts for an iPhone, Abercrombie's naked co-eds are back, The Black Eyed Peas are here to stay and more..

  • Lady Gaga took a dive at Heathrow airport thanks to her tranny-boots and in my opinion, her feud with Jerry Seinfeld. You don't mess with Seinfeld, he is more powerful than the Black Crusaders, I read that on the interwebs.
  • If there is one thing we have learned from the iPhone launch, it is that hell hath no fury like a bunch of nerds in line for the newest piece of technology. Jason Bateman experienced said dweeb-wrath when he cut in line at an Apple Store in LA this week. They tried to call the authorites to tell on him but no one could get reception through AT&T.*
  • Danielle Staub's doctor explained recently that the Jersey Housewife's implants were "hard, cold and deformed" before her latest plastic surgery. The same could be said for her as a person, but there is nothing silicon can do to fix that.

After the jump, Orlando Bloom is officially off the market, Abercrombie is back in the catalog business, etcetera....