Photo review + concert wrap-up: Parachute Musical and The Winter Sounds at New World

Parachute Musical and The Winter Sounds descended on New World Brewery in Ybor City this past Friday, August 28, for a New Granada Presents show.

Parachute Musical

Every now and then I randomly come across a band that makes me smile every time I hear them. My first such band was Operation Ivy. To this day, I can't hear the song “Sound System” without smiling no matter how bleak a particular situation may seem.

Parachute Musical is nothing like Operation Ivy but with their multi-hued, robust, piano-based sound, I never go away discontented. Their current record, Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town, is absolutely worth picking up and/or downloading. Of course, any piano rock is immediately compared to that of Ben Folds Five. However, Parachute Musical is forging their own path along the piano rock musical highway, integrating smart pop, unusual time changes and unbridled enthusiasm, with primary colors exploding along the way. The band has great synergy and get better every time I see them live. I expect great things from these guys. Check them out now so you can claim you knew about them before they blew up…

I'm right I know I'm right so hear me out/ I won't write one more song about what happened or what went wrong” —One More Song

Parachute Musical is Josh Foster (Vocals/Piano/Rhodes), Tom Gilbert (Guitar/Vocals), Andrew Samples (Bass/Vocals) and Ben Jacoby (Drums).

The Winter Sounds

The Winter Sounds are hard to pinpoint on record, and after seeing them live, I'm still not sure how to adequately describe their sound. What I can definitely say is that the audience danced up a storm listening to their version of anything-but-predictable indie rock. Their new record, Church Of The Haunted South, has wide ranging influences and if you are an indie rock fan, you'll like that they've managed to successfully amalgamate all the bands you love so much into something new. In addition, The Winter Sounds tour constantly so if you missed the how, you'll get the chance to see them again soon. So get your dancing shoes on and get ready to see the future of indie rock.

The Winter Sounds are Patrick Keenan (Bass/Vocals), Clayton Taylor (Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Durdin (Drums) and Merideth Huff (Keys/Vocals)

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